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Aliança Eletroquímica LTDA



Industrial Specific

Our full range of raw materials and formulation ingredients form the chemical building blocks on which new classes of high-performance products are developed for a wide range of high-tech sectors.

Specifically, we are proud to support various space programs around the world through our high-quality Ammonium Perchlorate that has been in successful use in various such programs around the world.

Using our sector knowledge and global supply chain base, we source, add value through our manufacturing know-how, and market specialized products to industrial consumers who require them. In this way, we produce and market resources that play an essential end role in modern life.

At AEQ, we prioritize safety at all our assets. We seek to minimize our impact on the environment while contributing to the sustainable growth of our communities by creating well-paying jobs locally; and we always aim to attract employees who strive to help AEQ continue to be a leader in our field.

What we do